How can yoga therapy help?

“I have heart failure disease…. My yoga therapist designed a program that was safe, pain-free, and helped with strength and flexibility—without leaving me breathless.”

“I appreciate how a yoga therapist takes the time to understand your health status holistically beforehand.”

Yogic support for anxiety

IAYT-certified yoga therapist Veronica Zador, featured in this video, puts it like this: “When we relax our body, oftentimes we find it’s easier to relax the way we think as well.” Danielle Foley, now a yoga therapist in training herself and also featured in the...

Hawking yoga in the halls of congress

By Kristine Weber “Low back pain? Neck and shoulder issues?? Come try some yoga therapy!” I’m standing in a white marble hallway on the second floor of the Rayburn Building attempting to entice passersby to stop in and sample a yoga therapy session. Just behind me are...