How can yoga therapy help?

“I have heart failure disease…. My yoga therapist designed a program that was safe, pain-free, and helped with strength and flexibility—without leaving me breathless.”

“I appreciate how a yoga therapist takes the time to understand your health status holistically beforehand.”

Breath as a healing tool: How a yoga therapist might use pranayama

By J. J. Gormley Pranayama, or breathwork, may seem really strange to beginning yogis, but it’s such a powerful tool—one of the key practices in yoga therapy, in fact—that it’s well worth exploring. Although yoga therapists take years of training to help them guide...

How does yoga therapy differ from physical therapy?

By Lori Rubenstein Fazzio Over the past 50 years, medicine has been shifting from a biomedical approach—one that focuses primarily on treatments to address physical causes of illness and pain—to a biopsychosocial-spiritual model that acknowledges the emotional,...