About IAYT

Founded in 1989, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) represents more than 5,600 yoga and healthcare professionals working in more than 50 countries. The organization supports research and education in yoga as therapy and serves as a professional resource for yoga therapists and yoga teachers.

OUR MISSION is to advance yoga therapy as a recognized health profession.

IAYT’s certification for yoga therapists (C-IAYT) is built on competency-based educational standards and a rigorous accreditation process for training programs. C-IAYTs agree to follow a defined scope of practice and a code of professional ethics. Learn more at www.iayt.org.

IAYT publishes the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, and Yoga Therapy Today, a clinical practice magazine. IAYT also provides education via its annual conferences, the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research and the Symposium on Yoga Research.

Our 501c3 nonprofit organization is governed by a board of directors, and IAYT’s small, dedicated staff is supported by a large group of volunteers and advisors.


Current contributors to this site

Laurie Hyland Robertson, MS, C-IAYT

Deborah McDermott, C-IAYT

Tina Paul, MS, C-IAYT


With additional acknowledgment and thanks to our many guest bloggers and to the Advisory Council for yogatherapy.health and Yoga Therapy Today:

Judi Bar, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

Luciano Bernardi, MD

Diane M. Finlayson, MA, C-IAYT

J. J. Gormley, MS, C-IAYT

Lisa C. Kaley-Isley, PhD, C-IAYT

Laura B. Kupperman, MA, C-IAYT

Ganesh Mohan, MBBS, C-IAYT

Lori Rubenstein-Fazzio, DPT, PT, MAppSc, C-IAYT

Laura Schmalzl, PhD, C-IAYT

Julie K. Staples, PhD

Marlysa Sullivan, DPT, PT, C-IAYT

Robyn Tiger, MD, C-IAYT

Lynne Valdes, MS, C-IAYT