Never too old: Yoga for healthy aging

We are always changing, but during our senior years the shifts may become more noticeable to us. Two prevalent physical changes are the loss of muscle mass and the stiffening of our tendons, both of which lead to many functional changes. Although yoga therapy cannot reverse time, it may be able to help slow the progression of change and maintain quality of life as we age. And it is never too late to add yoga into your life!

IAYT-certified yoga therapist Ann Grace MacMullan teaches yoga classes for seniors in Swarthmore, Penn., and was recently featured in The New York Times. As a yoga therapist, Ann works with each student to find variations to make the practice safe, comfortable, and valuable. She suggests that shorter daily practices—even 10 or 15 minutes—are better than an hour-long practice once or twice a week, especially if you are concerned about a medical condition.

“It’s not just physical postures,” Ann shares. “It’s a whole system of ethics, meditation and breathing that address our minds, spirits and emotions.” As she explains, “Yoga is not just an exercise. It is a way of life.”

Read the full article about yoga for seniors here. When you are ready to begin your own practice, you can find an IAYT-certified yoga therapist who can safely guide you to practice in ways that will most benefit you.