How yoga therapists work: Yoga and ergonomics in the workplace

By Caitlin Parsons

My work as a yoga therapist started because I was seeking relief for my own chronic pain and injuries related to my career as a dental hygienist. I began teaching general yoga classes with a therapeutic twist, eventually offering weekly healthy back and therapeutic yoga classes. Not long after, I started seeing private clients.

Currently, I’m an IAYT-certified yoga therapist and ergonomics consultant helping dental professionals reduce their risk of pain, injury, and burnout by creating customized ergonomic and yoga therapy programs. I work with other healthcare professionals, from nurses and doctors to chiropractors and acupuncturists, massage therapists, and strength trainers, to support comprehensive health programs for clients.

I focus on long-term programs and offer tools to clients outside our sessions. These resources include email support, customized practices, and an online class library to keep them on track. I have found that clients who commit to multiple sessions experience more lasting results, as they are better supported to create change and form healthier new habits. 

My approach is to help people understand how to listen to their bodies and move smarter, not harder. I focus on movement that improves posture, reduces tension, builds stability, and supports overall body function and system balance. I also utilize different breathing techniques and relaxation practices to help support a balanced nervous system.

My greatest joy is helping people feel better, find balance, and fully enjoy their lives. Most clients come to me as a last resort. Typically, they’ve tried allopathic medicine with limited results. Although I work with clients to improve function and mobility and decrease pain and stress levels, their results extend far beyond physical well-being. As we know, experiencing pain and stress creates a ripple effect in other areas of the body-mind-spirit. By incorporating yoga therapy and healthier routines into their lives, I’ve found that people not only decrease pain and find more balance in the body, they also start living healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

Caitlin Parsons, RDH, CEAS, C-IAYT, is a yoga therapist and ergonomic consultant who helps dental professionals overcome workplace pain, manage stress, and optimize their health.