Creating space in our lives: Podcast with a yoga therapist

In this hour-long podcast, IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist and IAYT Editorial Director Laurie Hyland Robertson discusses yoga as a system, a technology, and a roadmap for how to live your life. She says that many people come to yoga for the physical element of practicing postures, but over time the reasons they continue and go deeper into the practices start to shift.

We are multidimensional beings, and yoga has layers and tools that address all of our dimensions—the whole person. Laurie suggests that this is why people find yoga so effective and attractive. She also shares that because yoga is self-directed, people experience an empowering sense of agency over their own health and lives when they practice.

Paraphrasing an idea from psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, Laurie notes that yoga can help us to widen the space between stimulus and response. Frankl suggested that in that space we are able to choose how we respond—and in that choice lies our freedom. Over time, as we practice yoga, that space continues to grow, and we can be more intentional about our responses to the world. 

The podcast covers many other aspects of yoga, including how the practices can help with chronic pain, balance, flexibility, mobility, and more. Listen to The Whole System Effect: How Your Body and Mind Work Together on the Adjusted Reality podcast.