How yoga can support creativity

Yoga is widely known to support overall health and well-being—but what about creativity?

“Yoga and meditation tap into our psyche and our consciousness, those parts of our being that inspire creative ideas to emerge,” writes yoga teacher Ashton Graham in a recent article on yoga and creativity. “Please don’t think of creativity as a skill restricted to artists, musicians and writers. Creativity can be cultivated, and yoga can help you find your creative potential.”

In the article Graham, an educator, creative, and yoga-therapist-in-training, shares how yoga therapy tools like asana (movement and posture practice) and pranayama (breathwork) support her through creative projects. 

“Creativity arises naturally from a state of stillness and being present, a moment that can be elusive when we are frustrated or distracted by scattered thoughts or moving through life too without stopping to pause,” she explains. “When you practice pranayama, asana and meditation with awareness, you will see more clearly and allow creativity and inspiration to spring forth.”

Studies on yoga and creativity are limited, but recent research shows that yoga practices can support creative thinking processes. Read the full article to learn more. 

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