Yoga therapist Adhana McCarthy on becoming a physician assistant and yoga therapist

Maj. Adhana McCarthy is an active-duty physician assistant in the U.S. Army and an IAYT-certified yoga therapist. In this video, she shares more about what yoga therapy means to her and how she integrates it into her work and life.

“I was just stepping into the need at the moment,” explains McCarthy of her first experience teaching yoga in 2008. 

After a second deployment to Iraq, she returned to the States to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training course. During that time, McCarthy got clear on what she wanted to offer the world. 

“That was my vision for myself…so much of it was about being in touch with helping people connect to themselves, helping myself stay connected to myself, eating good food, being in community, and really allowing ourselves to step into our power as people who are fully capable of doing really transformative things.”

Watch the full video and learn more about McCarthy’s subsequent journey of becoming a physician assistant and yoga therapist—plus learn exactly what yoga therapy means to her.


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