“Doctors suggest mindful yoga to manage kids’ stress”

Research shows increased symptoms of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; doctors say yoga and meditation can help kids manage stress.

In a recent interview, pediatrician Mala Mathur, MD, encouraged parents and kids to try yoga and meditation to manage stress. 

“These practices can lead to important rest for the mind, body, and spirit which could help prevent physical and mental health challenges that could occur if stress is left unaddressed,” she explained. “I highly recommend families try them out together this summer.” 

Dr. Mathur went on to emphasize that yoga not only supports kids, but parents as well. “I think it’s really important for families to learn these techniques together,” she said. “The research shows that yoga seems to be a promising technique for stress management for children and adolescents and adults.” 

In the segment, Mathur offered examples of how incorporating yogic tools like deep breathing into daily activities can be a simple yet profound way to support kids of any age: “The simple act of teaching children how to stop, focus, and just breathe could be one of the greatest gifts you give your child.” 

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