Mobility exercises you can practice anywhere

Warmer weather often prompts a natural desire to get outside and move. For those in the northern hemisphere, spring has sprung—and that means coaxing the body into more easeful movement and activity. 

In this practice video, Alison Whitehead, MPH, RYT-500, C-IAYT, guides a short sequence of mobility exercises that can help you increase mobility at any time of year. 

Mobility exercises have a wide range of health benefits, including maintenance of healthy joints and increasing flexibility. As Whitehead explains in this recent articleGood ankle mobility can help improve our balance which may lead to fewer falls. Hip joint mobility also helps our balance and stability. Good mobility of the thoracic spine (the middle back) supports movement of our arms up and overhead, like when we lift something to the top shelf. It also improves our ability to turn side to side, like when we twist to grab something from the back seat of the car.”

The best part about these exercises? You can do them nearly anywhere with even just a few minutes of free time. Choose a single exercise or sequence your favorites together. Even a few minutes each day can make the difference!

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