Video: Yoga for Arthritis Patients

Yoga therapy can help relieve stiffness and pain for individuals with arthritis. 

In this short guided practice video, Steffany Moonaz, PhD, C-IAYT, teaches yogic techniques to relieve stiffness, articulate the joints, and prepare for activities that require increased mobility. 

Seated in a chair, Dr. Moonaz demonstrates how to move sequentially through the bodyfrom “playing piano with the toes” to inviting movement through the ankles, knees, hips, and upper joints. In the video, she emphasizes that “whatever range is available is fine,” and encourages syncing breath with movement during certain techniques. 



Research shows that yoga has a wide range of physiological and psychological benefits for individuals with arthritis, including reduced pain, tenderness, and stiffness. Yoga interventions have also been linked to significant quality-of-life benefits that can last for months.

Find an IAYT-certified yoga therapist to help you or a loved one with arthritis!