“Yoga therapy changed my life”

Curious about how yoga can help in your everyday life? In this short video from a few years back, Abbii explains how yoga therapy helped her to leave the hospital and get back to her life after a diagnosis of abdominal migraine.

Yoga therapist Michelle Fury first recommended simple breathing exercises, which sometimes completely erased Abbii’s pain. Results like that don’t always happen, of course, and Abbii is clear that her story is not a fairy tale.

Abbii explains how she took her yoga practices from her hospital bed, into individual sessions with Michelle, and eventually onto the basketball court with teammates before games. “To me,” she says in the video, “[yoga] means uniting my internal and external worlds.”

In addition to exercises that can build resilience and provide coping support for life’s stresses, yoga therapy offers the chance to look within—and perhaps find insight about how we operate in the world. Abbii acknowledges that she still deals with anger on a daily basis, saying, “Yoga is one of the only things that helps.”

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