Mind-body practices to support whole-person health

Tina Walter is an IAYT-certified yoga therapist who works in the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center Mind-Body Studio and for other healthcare organizations. She provides interventions to those receiving chemotherapy and care on both outpatient and inpatient units. She also teaches group classes for cancer patients and survivors.

In this video, Tina explains a bit about yoga therapy and how it can support those with cancer as well as their caregivers.

Toward the end, Tina offers a simple practice to calm the nervous system so you can experience the effects for yourself.

As Tina explains, “Yoga therapy really specifically targets…individuals, and really tries to personalize it. Looking at a patient’s…emotional state, their physical state, their mental stateā€”so it’s [addressing] a combination of the whole patient, the whole person.”

St. Elizabeth, in the Greater Cincinnati area, is among the increasing number of healthcare organizations integrating Western medicine with effective mind-body practices like yoga therapy.