Practices from Global Yoga Therapy Day

During the first Global Yoga Therapy Day on August 14, 2019, professionals on six continents shared their work. Check out a few of the practices offered by IAYT-certified yoga therapists in honor of the event, which raised awareness of this complementary healthcare modality.


As contributor Dr. Ganesh Mohan says in his short sequence for working with a balance between effort and ease,

“What we are learning here is not the asana [physical pose], it’s the quality of the effort.”



Psychiatric nurse Anneke Sips discusses the importance of self-care—”being your own therapist”—and leads a meditative practice for examining self-blame and self-criticism.




Itta Roussos (Ravi Kaur) offers two Kundalini Yoga techniques that work with sound, mantra, and breath. For her,

“Yoga therapy is primarily a preventive rather than a curative approach.”

As she says, yoga does not view the body as a collection of distinct parts, but rather

Yoga sees the body as an extension of every other system in the world, and if we heal our body’s systems, we do so together with—and impacting on—all the other systems in the world.


In the final video in our small sample, Gary Kraftsow offers a meditation for self-exploration. As with many yogic techniques, he notes that this exercise can become more and more effective with time, practice, and repetition.




Please note that, like the other information provided on this site, these practices are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You are encouraged to consult your personal physician with questions or concerns.