Impressions on yoga therapy from a unique conference

Check out this short video on yoga therapy, shot at the annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research this June in Newport Beach, California. The yoga therapists interviewed highlight a few of the ways in which this integrative healthcare practice can support people dealing with difficult-to-address conditions.

What yoga 'therapists' can do for you

Not a 'strike a pose' situation. Thanks International Association of Yoga Therapists for sharing

Posted by Lori Corbin on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

IAYT-certified yoga therapist Marsha Danzig, who is a below-knee amputee, notes that yogic practices like breathwork, postures, and meditation are in the end all about “remembering who we’ve always been.”

Health concerns are an inevitable part of human life, but when dealing with them—especially if they’ve become chronic—we can sometimes forget who we are, losing sight of our intrinsic wholeness. Yoga therapy helps clients learn to reconnect to that innate well-being.

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