Yoga therapists pointing the way in compassionate leadership

As members of an emerging healthcare profession, many yoga therapists are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past as we integrate into sometimes-challenging systems. We’re also keenly interested in applying yogic principles to both our work with clients and our organizational structures.

A number of media reports lately have highlighted the differences in the skill sets of truly effective leaders and those who may tend to end up in those positions. Earlier this year, Yoga Therapy Today talked with yoga therapist and author Uma Dinsmore-Tuli about the ways in which yoga therapy might carry forward the lessons and wisdom of the past without remaining bound to its more problematic, disempowering structures. Read the article here.

In our next issue, the magazine will share another leading light’s thoughts on moving forward in a different way when Yoga Service Council co-executive director Pamela Stokes-Eggleston considers the idea of compassionate leadership and discusses practical ways to cultivate it in ourselves. (Learn more about Pam here and here.) These are a few of Pam’s own favorite articles on this transformative subject:

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