But what can I DO? Service through yoga

It can be difficult to give ourselves permission to undertake the work of self-care, especially in the face of tremendous global suffering. But taking time to look inside and practice mindfully provides a strong platform from which to take meaningful action.

You may have heard of mental health professionals “prescribing” their clients acts of giving back as part of therapy. Volunteering can be a powerful way of freeing ourselves from our own thought-pattern prisons, and yoga therapists, too, might work with their clients to find ways of connecting to a larger community. Through service—or seva, as it’s known in yoga—we can both recognize our common humanity and awaken to our own potential to cause a beautiful butterfly effect with even the simplest actions.

This 2018 post lists worthy yoga-related organizations and perhaps seeds for your own involvement. The Spring 2019 issue of Yoga Therapy Today will feature expanded discussion from each of the yoga visionaries whose work is included.

Beyond the individual: Yoga as a community healing practice for social transformation