Get some (yogic) sleep!

Photo of yoga therapists Robin Gueth and Hansa Knox by Andrea Killam

Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is one tool your yoga therapist might recommend to help with restlessness, repatterning of unhelpful thought habits, insomnia, and more. That might sound a little…esoteric, but this type of guided meditation practice is readily accessible, and most people find it profoundly relaxing. And the common elements of a yoga nidra session—visualizations, body scanning, deep rest—can be described in terms of the psychological responses they induce and the brain functions they work with.

As a teacher quoted in this article notes,

“If we can remain in a relaxed state while accessing the unconscious areas of the mind…we can work with the deeper materials and correct physical and mental imbalances.” 

Evidence of yoga nidra’s effectiveness for conditions such as anxiety and PTSD is mounting, but it’s important to work with a qualified teacher or yoga therapist who can offer support for any unexpected or negative reactions that arise. Find a certified yoga therapist here.